About TrustFund

TrustFund thinks about money the way you think about money.

TrustFund is built on one basic belief: We Trust People. We trust them to do the right thing. We trust they dream big. We trust that most days, most of us do all we can to take care of who and what is important to us. At TrustFund, we want to the build a platform big enough for those dreams and strong enough to support people striving to get ahead.

Founding Story

Both founders possess very different backgrounds & perspectives but share one unified goal – to help every day Americans live better financial lives. It began with a desire to take on the predatory nature of payday loans which often exceed 400% APR and derail the dreams of hardworking Americans. After volunteering with a large non-profit that was helping people escape debt traps, it became obvious that Trust in this country is represented by a 3-digit credit score and a low score was hard to fix.